Manufacturing Technician, 2nd Shift in Monrovia, CA at Ducommun

Date Posted: 11/25/2019

Job Snapshot

Job Description

Manufacturing Technician, 2nd Shift

Job Description

This agent have functions involving composite layup, metal bond layup, resin transfer molding, composite and structural assembly, sheet metal forming, weight and balance, as well as acting as a process equipment operator or autoclave operator trainee. May be required to move parts and supplies from one location to another as needed to facilitate the job function.

Essential Functions

Sheet Metal Forming/Assembly

  • Hand finish-forms, checks and reforms extruded raw stock and/or partially machine- formed extruded and sheet metal parts having compound and irregular contours.
  • Forms parts to final dimensions exercising knowledge of the forming characteristics of various metals and their alloys. Makes simple pattern layouts on flat or other metal stock
  • Performs drilling, reaming, counter sinking, counter boring, tapping, routing and riveting of detail parts to be used in bonded rotor blades and on final bonded rotor blades using specified tooling.
  • Fills and fairs contour surfaces of rotor blades to within .010" tolerances.
  • In preparation for bonding, applies adhesive to parts and sub-assemblies. Sets up and operates liquid adhesive spray, brush and roller coat equipment to prepare parts for metal bonding
  • During pre-fitting will perform operations such as, cutting, burnishing, filing, forming,drilling, reaming, countersinking, counter bore, clamping, bolting and riveting on structural members and adhesive bonded skins.
  • Fits, install and assembles parts and honeycomb core to structural member, bonding materials, and other details. May patch, replace and rework such assemblies in order to conform to specifications
  • Responsible for bagging such assemblies for curing process. Positions, lays up and sets up parts or assemblies, bonding dies and tools using fiberglass or other types of vacuum blankets. Checks leak rate using manometer. Attaches and installs thermocouples and applies parting agent.

 Structural Assembly

  • Work involves operations required to complete honeycomb, composite or fiberglass bonded sub-assemblies and/or matching.
  • Assembly and installation work involving drilling, reaming and/or riveting, and the installation of various fasteners to specifications including torque operations on structural assemblies using specified tooling, jigs and fixtures.
  • Performs all operations necessary in the location, installation, assembly and integral mating of major structural sub- assemblies and assemblies, working with or without specialized tooling and jigs.
  • Works the assembly in designated sequence and may perform structural repair and rework on assemblies as directed.
  • May perform finishing operations on honeycomb and/or fiberglass bonded sub- assemblies.
  • Builds and/or mates structures where the assembly is coordinated or built with tooling which establishes primary locations and, as necessary, lays out and locates rivet, bolt and fastener hole patterns, trim lines and parts by direct measurement from established locations.
  • Loads jig and does necessary work and/or rework to complete assembly, either in or after removal from jig. Positions and lays up parts, using tooling jigs and fixtures, when available.
  • Fits, assembles and shapes parts; determines proper tools (size and length), up to and including the installation of safety wire.
  • Fabricates detail parts such as shims, splices, gussets, angles, brackets, doublers, stiffeners, patches, etc. Improvises shop aids to facilitate assembly and installation, as required
  • Calculates material out time and expiration dates.

 Weight and Balance

  • Performs operations necessary to aerodynamically balance helicopter rotor blades to customer specifications and Quality Control standards.
  • After adjusting fixture with master blade, positions blade into weight and balance fixtures, reads two levels for span and chord-wise movement in adjusting for balance and reads micrometer to closeness of plus or minus .00011 an inch in measuring sweep.
  • Add/subtract by use of weights and permanently attach necessary weights, using adhesives and/or power tools to balance blade.
  • As directed, may decrease weight of blade using files and power hand tools, etc.
  • Records temperature readings (before and after balancing), weight, and other pertinent information about blade. May also use scale type fixtures and calculator to check weight and balance.

Process Equipment Operator

  • Recognizes improper functioning of equipment.
  • Determines or use process charts to select timing, temperatures and to obtain densities of solutions.
  • Responsible for surface treatment by any of the following processes involving a succession of baths or rinses; cleaning, pickling, etching, bonderizing, chromodizing, passivating, degreasing or stripping.
  • Varies immersion time from established process standard to obtain maximum production and to regulate flow of work according to size and nature of load and strength and temperature of solution.
  • Determines immersion time and temperature when information is not furnished.
  • Determines proper sequence of dips and rinses.
  • Plans tank loads for efficient utilization of tank and rack capacity.
  • Plans proper grouping and positioning of material to assure treatment to specifications.
  • Checks loading of racks and baskets. Maintains solution in tanks by making necessary tests and adding solutions. Checks parts after processing to determine if surface treatment meets with process specifications.
  • May compile process data charts from work performed for future references.
  • May tend surface drying and baking oven incidental to operation of process equipment.
  • Under direct leadership of a Lead person, has responsibility for any and all cures completed in one or more autoclaves.
  • Regulates, operates and maintains curing equipment.
  • Responsible for proper positioning of vacuum bagged parts or assemblies in the autoclave; locating and positioning thermocouples and recording same;attaching vacuum lines and checking to determine that proper vacuum is maintained.
  • Removes thermocouples, vacuum lines and other parts used in the cure. Hooks up vacuum during cooling cycle' as required.
  • Adjusts controls and maintains surveillance of gauges to assure the maintenance of prescribed temperatures, pressures and vacuum during curing process.
  • Responsible for keeping the time of cures and recording the necessary gauge readings at the proper time and notifying the supervisor should readings be at any time adverse.
  • Must have knowledge of all autoclave operations 'and controls, and degrees of heat rise per minute as called out in engineering specifications.

 Metal Bond Assembler

  • Understand measuring tolerances.
  • Performs pre-fit operations.
  • Understands proper adhesive material handling.
  • Must be able to calculate material out time.
  • Performs bagging and vacuum operations

 Composite Bond Assembler

  • Understand handling of pre-preg material
  • Perform lay-up of pre-preg material and adhesives.
  • Performs tool preparation.
  • Performs bagging and vacuum operations.
  • Basic computer knowledge.
  • Must be able to calculate material out time.


Required Experience/Education/Training/Certifications:

  • High School Diploma or General Education Degree (GED)
  • Two (2) years of relevant experience in a manufacturing environment
  • Ability to speak effectively before groups of co-workers and management
  • Ability to apply common sense understanding to carry out instructions furnished in written, oral or diagram form
  • Ability to read and write in English at a 12th grade level
  • Ability to perform basic math functions at a 12th grade level
  • Good attendance and a positive attitude with a team player approach

801 Royal Oaks
Monrovia, California, 91016
United States